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Manufacturing Facilities & Processes


We consider the full spectrum of our clientele needs across various industries to ensure our facilities, machinery, and standard operating procedures meet not just our product safety and quality management systems, but also your needs when delivering and providing to end-users. At the end of the day, we ourselves are the consumers of our own packaging and we bring this wholistic thinking into each and every one of our processes.

Our value add to your flexible packaging products span across our various production capabilities:


  • Precise printing with modern registration systems and inspection systems ensure your design print follow your artwork to the tee

  • Up to 10 colour printing so that you can fully recognise your dream designs

  • Surface coating / varnishing available to provide the premium look that you need to stand out to your customers

  • Available in various printing mediums for your needed flexibility and applications


  • Capability to extrude various resin types provide opportunities for recyclability based on your desired materials, applications and sustainability needs

  • Flexibility in thickness of extruded layer allows you to manage your barrier needs with cost efficiencies

  • High quality lamination materials and ingredients used to guarantee suitable bonding and sealing of your product layers


DL 3 solventless v2
  • An efficient lamination process between 2 films to ensure direct bonding across various film substrates, giving maximum flexibility 

  • High quality adhesives designed to suit your needs and content applications – from food safety to high temperature resistance (retort) 


  • Reliable trimming, registration and tension systems allow for smooth roll-out of your finished goods for your easy use in the value adding process

  • Slitting to small and wide widths allow for great flexibility depending on your packing sizes, and machining capabilties  


  • For your sampling and manual packing needs where roll forms are otherwise not yet meaningful or efficient for your growing operations

  • Various shapes, size and cutting available to produce the exact pouches needed for your packing, including centre-seals, side seals, stand-pouches, and even die-cuts / custom shaped pouches